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Choosing the right lotions

Tanning lotions are able to help you achieve a tanned look because it contains DHA. DHA is a special type of colorless sugar and it has the unique ability to interact with the dead skin cells in the epidermis layer of your skin.
When DHA interacts with these dead skin cells, it results in a color change that gives the skin a tan appearance. The first application of a tanning lotion will usually last anywhere from five to seven days at a time.

Choosing the right bed

Low pressure. This is the traditional tanning bed. UV rays are emitted in a spectrum that is similar to natural sunlight. The lamps produce fast color (instant gratification).

High pressure. These beds emit a higher proportion of UVA rays (versus UVB rays). UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn.[2] In this kind of bed you'll get a deeper, longer-lasting tan, but it will be slow to build.[1] Usually this bed is more expensive.

Booth. This is basically a vertical tanning bed. Instead of laying down, you stand up. Parts of the skin that would normally be hidden doesn't come in contact with surfaces that other people's skin.

Whole body spray. Your body gets sprayed by a substance that darkens your skin through a chemical reaction. UV rays are left out of the equation